Yield Curve Says “No Recession”

– by Adrian Tout, Jan 31 2016 – Issue #1916 Yesterday we talked about Japan’s next phase in the monetary expansion cycle. They have moved to negative interest rates… another “tool” in central planner’s weaponry to fight sluggish growth and (evil) deflationary forces. I specifically singled out the impact this […]

Setting the Record Straight on China

– by Adrian Tout, Aug 23 2015 – Issue #1771 As part of yesterday’s (lengthy) weekly summary – we said the near-term focus is now less about the Fed’s imminent rate hike – but more about what’s happening in China. The Fed’s pulled back from its tightening rhetoric – and investors […]

Yellen meets General Custer: “Hold, Hold… “

– by Adrian Tout, Aug 14 2015 – Issue #1762 Almost every week I find myself challenging mainstream with respect to the timing of Fed rate hikes. In short, I don’t think it’s happening this year. However, it’s fair to say that many see at least one (maybe two) rate hikes […]