Scaremongers at it Again

The scaremongers are at it again. What’s new? Who are the scaremongers you ask? I refer to them as the folks trying to sell you something… and generally it’s a subscription service (of some kind) with a pitch that includes either “triple digit gains in unobtainium” or “why xyz market […]

What’s Your Trading Edge?

by Adrian Tout, May 15 2017 Issue #2294 Keep it Simple Why 1% is Enough Know your Edge and Stick with It Experienced traders will be able to tell you what their trading edge is. This is an important principle. You see, over time it will make the difference between […]

XJO and S&P 500: The Weekly Close

– By Adrian Tout, May 13 2017 – Issue #2293 Weekly Bullish Trends in Tact Why I sold 1/3 of my XJO Position Inflation Falls Below Fed’s Target Ray Dalio Doesn’t Like the Long-Term View All’s quiet on the western front… for now. May is a month where Wall Street […]