Looking Back at Posts Over Dec & Jan

We choose not to update the website on a weekly basis. For example, over the past 8+ months – I have chosen to only provide regular updates via the newsletter. And from the feedback I have received – that format seems to be preferred. Posts are delivered straight to readers inbox the […]

Recap of Blog Posts over Nov/Dec

It’s been nearly two months since we updated the website. As regular readers (and subscribers know) for the past 6+ months – we only provide the (almost) daily updates via our newsletter service. And I am pleased to say it’s been well received (and preferred). Very few people have chosen […]

Scaremongers at it Again

The scaremongers are at it again. What’s new? Who are the scaremongers you ask? I refer to them as the folks trying to sell you something… and generally it’s a subscription service (of some kind) with a pitch that includes either “triple digit gains in unobtainium” or “why xyz market […]

What’s Your Trading Edge?

by Adrian Tout, May 15 2017 Issue #2294 Keep it Simple Why 1% is Enough Know your Edge and Stick with It Experienced traders will be able to tell you what their trading edge is. This is an important principle. You see, over time it will make the difference between […]