US Dollar Turns Lower – Expect a Bounce

The world’s reserve currency has lost some of its shine in recent months. For example, lengthy delays on Trumps tax reform… uncertainty around health care… and (perceived) hawkish language from European central bank chief – Mario Draghi – have combined in sending the US dollar lower. Shortly we will take […]

Bass, Ackman and Soros’ Next “Big Short”!

– by Adrian Tout, Feb 14 2016 – Issue #1928 Have you seen the movie The Big Short?  It’s not too bad if you haven’t… I suspect there are many people out there who will enjoy it immensely – as it explains what happened during the GFC (and US housing bust) […]

Yield Curve Says “No Recession”

– by Adrian Tout, Jan 31 2016 – Issue #1916 Yesterday we talked about Japan’s next phase in the monetary expansion cycle. They have moved to negative interest rates… another “tool” in central planner’s weaponry to fight sluggish growth and (evil) deflationary forces. I specifically singled out the impact this […]